On the 25th day of July, in the city of Amsterdam, Netherlands, on the occasion of the 22nd World AIDS Conference, the national coordinators of the Latin American and Caribbean Network of Trans Persons (RedLacTrans) denounced that the lack of recognition by the Latin American and Caribbean states of our gender identity is the main cause of the high rates of HIV-AIDS prevalence in our trans population.
Stigma, discrimination, institutional violence due to the lack of recognition by the states of our gender identity does not allow us to access the health care system. Therefore, from the 23 organizations that belong to the Latin American and Caribbean Network of trans people, we state that “Without Gender Identity there are no Human Rights”. Within the framework of the 22nd International AIDS Conference, our organization together with our partner organizations demand:
• That the governments of Latin America and the Caribbean approve a gender identity law for all countries in the region that ensures universal access to comprehensive health care, education, work, justice and protection from violence in accordance with the resolution of advisory opinion OC-24/17 of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACHR).
• Promote a comprehensive health care approach that addresses the determinant and mediator factors that result in the high burden of the virus and premature mortality of the trans population that today has a life expectancy of only 35 years old.
• That governments ensure legal recognition of trans people organizations and support their sustainability through differentiated funding in their national programs and public policies.
• That governments stop funding anti-rights organizations that promote institutional hatred and violence that block the recognition of our rights and hinder our access to comprehensive health care, prevention and treatment of HIV-AIDS.
• That national and international agencies promote social, epidemiological and clinical investment that can provide information to generate and modify public policies so that they include the trans population.
• That governments, agencies, researchers and organizations address specific strategies for the population of trans women and do not consider us within the population of men who have sex with men (MSM) and also make visible the population of trans men and other non-binary genders.
The RedLacTrans reinforces its commitment to the defense and fulfillment of the Human Rights of the trans population of Latin America and the Caribbean so that the States guarantee universal access to prevention, care and treatment of HIV-AIDS and comprehensive health care without stigma or discrimination.
Let’s go for more!
Gender Identity Law in Latin Ameria and the Caribbean NOW!
We demand the cure NOW!

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