One thought on “Suggested Guidelines for the Provision of Comprehensive Healthcare for Trans Woman in Latin America and the Caribbean

  1. Excellent comment by Stephen, which gets it completely right. The de-population of Ukraine (throughout) is indeed deliberate (and long-planned) and takes many forms, not just of flows outward, but also geronticide the killing off the elderly and rural, by wittholding or withdrawing aid, services and care. The Ukrainian lands are earmarked for vast food factories run by Bayer-Monsanto, Dow, et al. Just one thing not mentioned. Kiev has no intention of re-taking or settling the conflict in the far east, because it suits Kiev, as much as it suits Moscow, for the conflict to freeze (though for different reasons, of course). For Kiev, it provides a plausible excuse for explaining away the vast sums of funds (mostly from USA/IMF/WB) being skimmed off by Kiev politicians and businessmen. Everyone in Ukraine knows what is happening, and that “war in the east is costing XYZ is just a cover for theft. This situation is unlikely to change, whoever wins next year”s PE.

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